We Change Staticaly's Endpoints


We are very excited to present a useful platform for developers to make websites or projects more accessible from around the world. :wink:

Although this is a free service, we are working on Staticaly professionally, where we pay close attention to uptime and how fast CDN is accessed in each country, therefore we use Multi CDN.

For that if you are an old Staticaly user, you might still use the cdn.staticaly.com/:user/:repo/:tag/:file endpoint. Since we support a number of services, we will create a sub on each service.

Example on GitHub:

Old endpoints:


New endpoints: (/gh/)


All files from GitHub will be available with /gh/ parameters on our CDN.

Also apply to other services:


https://cdn.staticaly.com/:user/:repo/:tag/:file -> https://cdn.staticaly.com/gl/:user/:repo/:tag/:file


https://cdn.staticaly.com/:user/:repo/:tag/:file -> https://cdn.staticaly.com/bb/:user/:repo/:tag/:file


https://img.staticaly.com/:website/:file -> https://cdn.staticaly.com/img/:website/:file


https://favicons.staticaly.com/:website/:file -> https://cdn.staticaly.com/favicons/:website/:file


https://badge.staticaly.com/:badge -> https://cdn.staticaly.com/badges/:badge


Coming soon!

Of course this is intended to facilitate users accessing one platform without being constrained or intersect with other platforms.

And if you are an old Staticaly user, you might still use img.staticaly.com for proxy images or favicons.staticaly.com for favicon proxies, we move everything to cdn.staticaly.com. With the presence of one domain for all services, users are expected to be easier.

We have not changed the Endpoints completely, you can still access our old enpoints for Staticaly, Imgpx or Favicons. We will change all of our endpoints as of October 1, 2018. So if you are a Staticaly user, we expect you to update the endpoint as stated in this post, because after October 1, all traffic will be served by cdn.staticaly.com.

Thank you for using Staticaly. If you think it’s useful, feel free to tweet us anything at @staticalyhq with any questions, concerns or even just for say hello.