Setup Staticaly Imgpx with WP Rocket

Some web developer friends have asked me when the Staticaly plugin for WordPress will be released, I myself (personally) predict that the plugin will surface around the middle of 2019. So if it’s near the date, I will inform via the website and newsletter, so wait for it :slight_smile:.

While waiting for the official plugin, this is how to setup/use Staticaly Imgpx, a special CDN for image acceleration using the WP Rocket plugin.

This is not a paid / sponsored post.

So let’s get to the list…

How to setup Staticaly Imgpx with WP Rocket?

  1. Open WP-Admin > Settings > WP Rocket.

  2. Click CDN tab.
    Staticaly + WP Rocket

  3. Fill CNAME CDN(s) with, where :DOMAIN is the domain or URL of your WordPress site without protocol (http/https).

    See the picture below:
    As in the picture, the CNAME column is filled with, where is the domain of my WordPress site.

    So if your domain is then fill it with

  4. Set this CNAME only for Images (reserved for Images), see in the picture:
    for images

  5. Down here, our setup are done, make sure you tick Enable Content Delivery Network,
    Enable CDN

  6. then Save Changes.

Finish, now images on your site are blazing fast, enjoy!

Untuk menggunakan staticaly dengan plugin cdn gratis.
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