Say Hello 👋 to Screenshot & Open Graph Image as a Service!

At Staticaly, we dreams about fast and better static files, that’s why our CDN can perform to delivering for any kind of static files, optimize it before users received for the content, then serve it properly for production environment, it means there’s caching, load balancing, and other high performance computer work.

We make innovation for SaaS that can perform reliable to fits with any developer needs. So we have 8 awesome features of Staticaly, and now we are proudly to invite you to try our 2 new exclusive features Screenshot and Open Graph Image as a service.

Screenshot as a Service

With this app, we’ll be able to capture of any web page just by URL and turns it into PNG or JPG. This is so awesome, I love this feature same as I love my girlfriend, if there’s one.

With this feature we don’t have to open browser app, turns-on browser extension and Ctrl+Shift+V. It’s okay if we want to doing it just once, but what if we need to capture 50 of web pages? It means we need to doing it again and again whenever we want to capture screenshot the web page. Well, that will tiring us down, and that is not a JAMstack.

Instead of doing that, we can get screenshot with this easy way:


You can learn for more prefix on this page

Open Graph image as a Service

This is a service that generates dynamic Open Graph images that you can embed in your <meta> tags.

Sometimes, I get very lazy when it’s time for creating a new image for each my blog post or web page, so I need friendly service who can give me nice response of images that I can use in my <meta> tag, so Twitter will use it as their embed preview, cool!

For examples, above image is generated just by this URL:

So instead of creating a new image with Photoshop, we can on-the-fly generate image with

If you’re using WordPress, you can use Featured Image by URL plugin to use this feature in your website. You can also automatically generate it on your application with some custom function.

Fun fact: These 2 new features is exclusive features offered by Staticaly. Inspired by, mShots by Automattic and These features is hosted on serverless platform by Zeit, now.

We’re proudly to announce that now we’re open our labs, and you can signup for every experimental features by Staticaly with this page. You will get notified when there’s new feature by Staticaly.

If you want to contribute in code, or suggest feature that we don’t have yet, don’t hesitate to contact us!

Hello sir,

I love this project, but i have problem when get new screenshot on my web.
How to purge data / pics when page updated?
i has try put params env=dev, but still show old data / pics

Thanks :heart_eyes: