Preparing for WordCamp Jakarta 2019


As you know, I will speak at WordCamp Jakarta 2019 on February 16. I was very excited and a little worried because this was the first time I spoke at WordCamp.

I will talk about high availability WordPress infrastructure, serverless, and :zap: Staticaly usage with the title “The Secrets of the Real Fast WordPress”

Especially for this event, I have prepared WordPress infrastructure infographic schemes with high availability, scalable, and cheap, so if you are interested in network infrastructure for large-scale WordPress, you should come, because this will be fun.

Apart from the network infrastructure scheme, I also prepared the courage to speak at WordCamp, I hope I’m not embarrassing haha. If you don’t have a ticket, you can get it on this page.

All of that said, I’ll see you soon in Jakarta! :earth_asia:


Hey @frans, I’m looking forward to your talk! I won’t be there in person but I’m planning to follow along on Twitter.


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Awesome! Thanks! :slight_smile: