New features of Staticaly: Libs and Flag Icons CDN

We are very pleased to announce the new LIBS and FLAG ICONS features, this feature was developed since we want to provide better static files especially for icons and framework libraries.


Are you one who asks if Staticaly provides distribution for popular frameworks? Now you get an answer. We just released the Libs feature, this feature allows you to load libraries like React, jQuery, Bootstrap and others based on the cdnjs repository.

How to Use?



We’re using cdnjs repo to provide better and up-to-date libraries, if you’re’s user and use Staticaly at the same time, you can definetely replace URL with to reduce DNS Lookups.

Flag Icons CDN

Ever thought of a CDN that provides all your static files needs? As in the topic this time, we want to provide a feature to deliver flag icons to make it easier for developers who develop applications using flag icons, this feature is equipped with resize and auto webp features.

How to Use?


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Perhaps you can mention as an alternative in the FAQ or somewhere.