Introducting Staticaly: Free CDN for GitHub, GitLab and Bitbucket

What is Staticaly?

The simple answer to answering this question is Free, Open Source CDN Library with Advanced features so you can load your project more easily. You can load the project onto the web very easily using Staticaly, where it will be very useful if you make a demo or load static files for your project.

Controling Files from GitHub

Suppose you are using GitHub to host your project and want to bring it to the web. Actually you can directly use GitHub Raw but GitHub Raw provides a less precise Content-Type header and cache that is only a few moments, with Staticaly your content will automatically be given the correct Content-Type header. For example if your content is HTML, Staticaly will detect that it is an HTML file and deliver it as an HTML file instead of text / plain.

Our Goals

The goal of Staticaly is simple: make static files easy to manage and fast to deliver.

Try it

Now you can try by accessing


Please give your comments or if you find a bug can submit it on the contact page or create an issue on the GitHub repo.

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