How to easily migrate from RawGit to Statically


As you can see in the picture above that RawGit will be shut down soon, and will not serve files from GitHub in 2019. We are sad to see Rawgit shut down, and we really care about RawGit users to migrate to more reliable services.

RawGit is free service that allow you to serves raw files directly from GitHub with proper Content-Type headers.

This is an official tweet from RawGit stating that the service will be stopped soon:

So these are some of the services that you can use as an alternative to Rawgit:


Staticaly is a project by Marsble, we highly recommend it because it is suitable for production needs, besides serving raw files from GitHub, Staticaly also supports GitLab, Bitbucket and Images CDN with more reliable server.

To use it is quite easy, you just need to replace the RawGit URL,

From this:

To this:

So you just need to replace to, then the file from GitHub will be served properly.

Or learn more at


jsDelivr is a free, fast, and reliable Open Source CDN for npm and GitHub. Most RawGit links can be easily converted to jsDelivr links with this tool:

The tool above will give you a unique URL like this:

If you have suggestions for alternatives from RawGit, don’t hesitate to comment below and hope your migration is fun.