Fast with HTTP/2 For All Traffic


Yes, Staticaly comes with modern technology, we support http2.0 / http / https. This is of course very necessary for better CDN performance.

Benefits of HTTP/2

The main focus of HTTP/2 is performance. HTTP2 use a single TCP connection from a browser to a website. So it will provide a good experience for users when accessing our CDN.

Statically uses CloudFlare CDN to support our origin server performance, making static files available faster and available throughout the earth.

h2 Availability

You can find out which protocol Statistiy uses by using OpenSSL command.

openssl s_client -servername -connect -nextprotoneg ''
Protocols advertised by server: h2, http/1.1

Technology is increasingly advanced and website performance of course must always be improved. Therefore Staticaly is there to support all static files needs.