CDN77 joins Staticaly


CDN77 is a Content Delivery Network provider with a global network of 32+ data centers. For serving a static files from our origin server, CDN77 meets the requirements we need as core CDN providers. They provide such as CNAME + Custom SSL and HTTP2 they have provided and will make super fast performance between the origin server and the user.

Today, we announce that Staticaly will test the CDN77 service for the next 30 days as our core CDN. Their team is very friendly to help us to test their services. That way Staticaly now uses 5 technologies such as CDN77, CloudFlare, StackPath, Fastly and Cedexis. Of course using CDN77 services will improve our performance and make Staticaly better.

What is very exciting is that they also serve Hubble images around the earth. :globe_with_meridians:

We will announce more about CDN77 when we have results.

Overall, welcome CDN77.

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